Home Care: A Valuable, Affordable Solution for America’s Aging Seniors

By the year 2020, 56 million Americans will be aged 65 and older; by 2050, that number will reach 84 million. At the same time, the number of potential family caregivers is decreasing due to demographic shifts and the increasing distance between seniors and their families. Therefore, more people may need to look beyond their immediate families for care as they get older.

Non-medical home care can be a valuable, affordable solution to help meet these growing needs by keeping seniors independent, healthy and living safely in the comfort of their own home – wherever home may be. Highly-trained caregivers help seniors manage the necessary activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation, as well as provide companionship and support around the home with tasks such as medication reminders, laundry and light housekeeping.

Home care services emphasize preventive care that supports seniors’ wellbeing, and it offers a cost-effective alternative to institutional long-term care. Home care can help in many ways by:

  • Giving seniors a choice to age in the place they call home while maintaining dignity and independence.
  • Ensuring seniors maintain healthy routines, avoid accidents and injuries and follow the care plans provided by their doctors.
  • Helping seniors lead healthy lifestyles, which can result in fewer doctor visits, prevent a trip to the hospital or keep seniors from going into a nursing home.
  • Providing peace of mind to family caregivers and reducing their emotional and physical stress.

More affordable than you may think

The peace of mind that comes with home care services is more affordable than you might think.

While home care costs vary depending on region and what services are needed, most home care companies work with clients to create a personalized plan that meets the needs and budget of the individual. Oftentimes a few hours per week are all one needs to assist in their quality of life.

Home care allows adults to choose where they age, how they age, and it can ensure they live safely and independently for as long as possible…all at an affordable cost.

Editorial Note: Article provided by Kevin Stewart, Certified Senior Advisor and owner of FirstLight HomeCare of North Dallas