People Centered in the Heart of Care

Providing “meaningful care for the valuable life” for those requiring both medical and non-medical in-home care has been the vision of Prestige Care Services since its start in 2015.

 Their vision to advocate for people in the health care system by giving honest, reliable support and streamlined communication between patients, their families, and their health care team has proven to be a successful model for them. RN-owned and directed, Prestige Care Services offers knowledge, experience, and nurturing to the heart of all care.

Prestige Care Services is a partnership between Kim Parisi, RN and Kerrie Thacker, administrator. Both long-term residents of Sarasota, their combined experience, abilities, and passion have successfully demonstrated that when people are in the center of the heart of care, people thrive. Physicians have recognized that continuity of care and consistent communication empowers their patients to live independent lives in

the comfort of their own homes. In addition, families have recognized that regardless of where home is, whether an independent or assisted living facility or a private home, the prestige advantage empowers a higher quality of life with personalized, professional care.

The passion that Kerrie and Kim have inspired in those they meet has led to many opportunities for community involvement. This involvement has led to their growth which is now extended south to include Charlotte, Desoto, and Collier Counties. They look forward to serving these communities as fervently as they have the Sarasota community. Their success has allowed them to design programs which have allowed services to be surprisingly affordable for all. They are an asset to our senior community, offering peace of mind to the patients and families who have benefitted from the “meaningful care” that they have provided for their “valuable life”.


Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Prestige Care Services.