Reasons to Choose Home Care

As tough as it may be to enlist the help of a “stranger” when caring for your parents, sometimes it’s for the best. It takes the strain off of you and your parent benefits from professional care in the comforts of home.
1 – Home Care promotes healing.
“I know that our clients enjoy a much better quality of life which many families have said helped to extend the lives of their loved ones.” says Peter Ross, CEO and co-founder of Senior Helpers. “We focused on healing the mind, not just the body.”
2 – Home Care is safe.
“Many risks such as infection are eliminated or minimized when care is given at home,” says Ross. Quality home care by professional caregivers can help prevent issues that may become very serious within the home like preventing falls in the home.
3 – Home care allows for maximum freedom.
Patients at home may be engaged with their typical daily activities as their health permits plus it allows patients to receive care in the least restrictive environment.
4 – Home care gives some control.
As baby boomers age the home care option gives them more control over the type of care they’ll get to choose. Giving more choices in their own care
5 – Home care is personalized.
“The best reason to choose home care is because the care that will be received in the home will be individualized to each patient according to their specific needs”, Milca Pabon, RN
6 – It eases burdens on the family.
Pabon explains, “With the length of stay in the hospital decreasing patients are going home earlier and many of them do not choose to go to a rehabilitation center to recover,” rather, they want to go home to their own environment … and have someone provide them with the care they’ll need to reach their maximum level of function.
7 – Home care is comfortable.
Studies show that people would prefer to stay in their home. There is familiarity and comfort of being in one’s own environment…
Editor’s Note: Written by Vicki Salemi (shortened from original version) and submitted by Bent Schoellhorn, owner of Senior Helpers of Greater Dallas and may be reached at 214-361-7943 or by email at