Why Seniors Love Landlines

You May Not Use a Landline, But Grandma Loves Hers.

Smartphones impact us all in today’s society. However, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 77% of seniors over 65 continue to use landline phones. Why do they hold on to this seemingly outdated technology? Let’s look at some of the benefits for seniors of keeping their landline phones.

  • It’s a technology they remember

Most seniors grew up using a landline phone when they were young. These types of phones are especially useful for seniors with cognitive issues. It’s easier for them to remember what they used when they were younger versus trying to learn a new technology, especially one as complicated and confusing as a smartphone. They don’t have to feel embarrassed about not understanding or becoming frustrated by the new cell phone or smartphone.

  • The phones are clearer and louder

As age-related hearing loss begins, it becomes quite frustrating when normal day-to-day sounds are hard to comprehend. It’s even worse when seniors have a hard time hearing over the phone. Landline phones have the capability of being louder in volume than cell phones, and have much clearer transmission.

  • They are made with senior-friendly features

One of the best capabilities that a landline phone offers is being able to have just enough buttons that are needed to make phone calls. In addition, you can find phones that offer bigger buttons to aid seniors with vision problems, such as cataracts or retina issues. Some phones even use pictures to dial. These are especially helpful for seniors with memory issues, since they don’t have to remember anyone’s phone number. Just touch the picture of the family or friend and dial that person automatically!

  • Landline phones are cool again

Everything “vintage” is trendy again, so the grandkids will think grandma is the coolest for having a retro landline phone!

When choosing a phone service for your senior loved one, remember simpler is better, and a landline might just be the best option for them. The more comfortable they feel with their phone, the more likely they are to use it. And the more connected they will stay with friends and family, keeping them healthier and happier for a longer period of time.

This article was submitted by Vanessa Luna, Marketing Director with teleCalm, Inc.