Shapes, Sizes, and Accessories of Acrylic Showers

So you’ve decided that Acrylic is the right material for your shower. That’s a great start. Now it’s time to take it to the next step, and bring the idea of a brand new shower to life. Regardless of your budget, bathroom size, or layout, there are options out there for you to upgrade or enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. Here you will find different shower shapes, shower doors, and shower accessories, all of which require just a small amount of remodeling work in order to achieve a great new look.

Standard Curtain Rod Shower

  • Basic and inexpensive
  • Curtain and rod designs as frequently as you like
  • No room required for a door to swing out

Curved Rod Shower

  • Opens up anywhere between 6 and 11 inches of space in the shower, depending on your shower and rod.
  • Adds a curvy, more elegant look to your shower

Pivot Door Shower

  • Available in clear or obscure, framed or frameless glass
  • Clear glass will open up the bathroom, make it feel more spacious
  • Allows for a large doorway since there’s only one panel (sliding door would needs two)

Sliding Door

  • Doors don’t swing out, so water won’t drip onto your bathroom floor
  • No need to allow room for door clearance
  • Comes in clear or obscured glass. Clear glass will open up the room.

Curved Door Shower

  • For corner showers
  • Sliding doors that move out from the middle
  • Doors shut magnetically for a firm, secure close

Neo Angle Shower Door

  • For corner showers
  • 5-sided shower: 1 Acrylic Wall (2 sided), 2 Glass Panels, 1 Glass Door
  • Door opens out from right or left, whichever side you choose

Dome Ceiling Shower

  • Makes shower seem more spacious. Will make bathroom feel more spacious if you have a clear glass shower door
  • Opens up the light in the room
  • Adds a new and different design

These options for an acrylic shower should open up your line of thinking and give you a broader idea of all that is available, both for design as well as functionality considerations. Depending on the makeup of your bathroom, each of these options can be added to your bathroom with minimal work required!