Summer Intergenerational Fun

Summer days bring out the child in each of us. Whether you are young or old, or somewhere in-between, the hot days of summer can be filled with laughter, play and happy times together.

Not sure what to do while you are outside? Here is a list of low-cost outdoor activities to enjoy with friends, neighbors and family members of all ages. While you are out in the summer sun, make sure all participants wear protective sunscreen and stay hydrated.
Blow bubbles – It is fun to blow or chase bubbles. Blowing bubbles is a good way to exercise the lungs of senior adults too. You can purchase inexpensive bottles of bubbles at a local discount retailers or the dollar store.

Play a game of ring toss – Arrange a dozen or more water bottles into a square, then toss some silicon wristbands or inexpensive bangle bracelets to see who can ring the bottles. Adjust the rules to fit the ages, sizes and skills of each contender. Winners earn bragging rights or even a small treat.
Splash in a kiddie pool – Getting just a little wet takes the heat off the day. Dangle your toes in the water and just relax. A plastic dishpan can work as an inexpensive alternative for engaging in water play. Those who are more adventurous and swift-footed may prefer to dash through a sprinkler.
Frolic with water balloons – Filling up those slippery balloons is half the fun. It’s a science experiment too – how much water can that balloon hold without breaking? Whether you toss those oh-so-full balloons carefully or not is up to you. Promptly throw away the remains of broken balloons as these can become a choking hazard for young children, adults with dementia and animals.

Picnic on the lawn – Something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tastes better outside, whether you sit a picnic table or on the grass. Include a few carrots sticks and a piece of fruit to round out the meal.

Engaging in activities, inside and out, can create better days for your aging loved ones. Our trained caregivers are also available to provide customized meaningful activities for older adults in the comfort of home. Let us help you live your best life possible.

This article was submitted by Nicol Rupolo, owner of ComForCare of Lower Fairfield County; adapted with permission from a blog previously published by ComForCare Health Care Holding, LLC on June 28, 2016. Nicol may be reached at 203-705-0220 or