Blessed Quietness

It was still dark when I crept out of bed with an idea swirling around in my head for this edition of the Seniors Blue Book. I knew the demands of the day and I wanted to write while the idea was new and my mind fresh.

I started to work. Suddenly I felt a presence in the room. Looking down I saw Hunny, my dog, sitting at my feet with a toy protruding from her mouth and an unmistakable look of “please” from her cocked head. I informed her that I was busy and had no intention of playing fetch. Glancing at the floor, I spotted at least three toys she had quietly deposited around my feet, hoping I would stop and pay attention to her. Still, I turned back to my writing, seeking to ignore her and, to submit my writing assignment.
In an effort to succeed, she retrieved her most coveted toy, “Little Bear,” and proceeded to squeak it until I gave her my full attention. Heaving a sigh, I picked up my coffee cup and obediently followed her to the patio door. I thought I could distract her for a few minutes outside and then get back to work.

Oh my! Suddenly I became aware of the chilly morning. The sky was a pale gray preventing the sun from popping though the low clouds. The air was fresh and still. I began to thank my Father for the day stretched out before me. As tears flowed, so did prayers. I prayed for my neighbors around me, friends in difficult circumstances, and quietly drank from His cup. The longer I prayed, the longer the list grew and I felt a heavenly closeness to my Father. My PLANS; to get my writing done before dawn were interrupted by an appointment with my Jesus orchestrated by one small dog.

How many times do we brush God off as I did little Hunny? There are many ways our heavenly Father plays a role in our day, seeking to stir our attention. He brings a breathtaking sunrise, the sound of a bird, or words from deep in His heart, transmitted to ours to encourage us on our journey. All too often we lay aside visits with God and allow the business of the day to interfere with much needed time with Him. We tell Him we are busy just now but when a crisis arrives we crumble at His feet, seeking His help.

Take time today to revisit the New Testament story of Mary and Martha. While Martha busied herself with the food preparation, Mary just let Jesus fill her cup as she sat at contentedly at His feet.

A smile eased across my face as I returned to my office. I found Hunny contently curled up in her bed, ready for her first nap of the day. I sat down at the keyboard with fingers poised. Now what was that good idea? No matter. From my heart comes, Blessed Quietness.

Editor’s Note: This column was contributed by Rev. Judi Wiegman who is the mother of seven grown children, one step-daughter and 21 grandchildren. Rev. Wiegman regularly speaks for women’s events and keeps a blog at She can also be reached at and welcomes your emails.