Grow Your World and Green Your Community by Joining a GARDEN CLUB


As nearly 200,000 men and women of all ages and backgrounds across the nation can attest, the rewards of belonging to a Garden Club go far beyond the pure pleasure of growing things.  Joining a local Garden Club is a great way to “green” your thumb, but a membership also provides an opportunity to expand your interests and build lifelong friendships while bettering your community and the environment.  A Garden Club will give you access to people who are experienced in gardening in your locality and you will find their assistance in valuable.

Our National Garden Club’s Conservation pledge is:


I pledge to protect and conserve our natural resources of planet earth and to promote education so that we may become caretakers (stewards) of our air, water, forest, land and wild life.


Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. is a 501© 3 nonprofit educational organization and a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc..  Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. is state wide organization associated with the Pacific Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc.  and National Garden Clubs, Inc..  Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. has fifteen Garden Clubs and almost 500 members.  Seven of the Garden Clubs are located in the Treasure Valley. Activities of our clubs include civic beautification funded through grants, charitable donations, and fundraising.  Clubs annually sponsor horticulture education and seminars and regularly organize presentations about landscaping, cultivating and growing a wide variety of plants and vegetation.  In addition we award annual scholarships to students for the study of horticulture. Flower Show Judges Schools and Landscape Design Schools are offered to our members.  Clubs also compete for State, Regional and National awards on a regular basis.

Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc. encourages anyone interested in becoming a member of a Garden Club to contact any of the Garden Cubs listed below or the State Membership Chairman, Janet Petersen at

Go on; why not give it a try. Oct. 2013




Southwest District Garden Clubs of Idaho


Garden Clubs of Idaho, Inc.

State President: Karen Mallon 208-853-6108


Ada Gardeners                                                                                                          President: Beth Suhr  208-375-9310


Golden Garden Club

President: Karen Mallon 208-853-6108


Long Valley Gardeners

President: Jan Morrison 208-382-5613


Merry Tillers Garden Club

President: Maggie Williamson 208-871-2718


Nampa Garden Club

President: Cynthia Borron 208-899-6521


Owyhee Gardeners

President: Judy MacKenzie 208-896-4441


Payette Valley Gardeners

President: Maxine Walker 208-642-6686