Living Longer, Stronger Lives

The goal for most of us is not to simply to live longer lives, but to continue to live healthier, more engaged, more vibrant lives.

Groundbreaking scientific studies now reveal that only about 30-35% of the chronic diseases we acquire are genetically based. This is really big news, because it means that approximately 70% of diseases that afflict us can be avoided by making good choices about our health and our lifestyles.

What can be done to prevent disease?
Below is a list obtained from health surveys of centenarians – those who are some of the longest living humans in the world – and their secrets to living longer!

  1. They ate healthy foods. These groups of people did not eat processed foods, ate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and got their protein from seafood or lean meats like chicken.
  2. They were physically active. They all worked physically hard throughout their lives, doing things like farming, gardening, physical labor, or other mostly outdoor activities.
  3. They maintained social and spiritual connections. These groups typically lived in tightly knit communities and also had religious affiliations, which helped them lower stress levels.
  4. They avoided harsh “toxic” chemicals. The groups studied were generally found in non-urban areas where they had limited exposure to pollutants and other toxins in the air and water, and they were not exposed to excessive sources of electromagnetic radiation. They also ate fresh grown foods with fewer pesticides or other toxins.

These examples for the most part are simple. The trick is not just do one or two examples but all four. Not so easy, but the results can change lives. Take control today and live a healthier and longer life!

Editor’s Note: Article was authored by Joseph C. Maroon, MD, FACS, Neurosurgeon, Author, Sports Medicine and Healthy Living Expert Consultant at St. Barnabas Health System,