News Flash: Your Doctor Will Now See You… In the Comfort of Your Home!

Many people yearn for the days of yore when their personal physicians used to pay them a home visit when they became ill. Some, even including doctors, still remember this era

as the “golden age” of medicine. Since then, times have changed and care has become fragmented, impersonal and uninspired… until now.

After personally seeing challenges that their patients and also their loved ones have encountered, two physicians Dr. Bob Rahmanian and Dr. Jim Liu have taken the challenge to bring personalized care back and created a new service called Zumedic.

Their mission – to bring back the traditional house call with full integration of all the advancements modern medicine has to offer. Doctors are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, staffed with medical professionals that include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and associated medical personnel to provide you personalized health to the comfort of your home.

The process of receiving medical care is convenient and unbelievably easy with Zumedic. Based on an affordable membership model, Zumedic is pushing the cutting edge of modern day medicine by offering unequaled care. Membership ensures a better quality of care by providing an exceptional medical platform for its members. By joining Zumedic, you receive quick and responsive service either by picking up the phone or through a smartphone app for about the price of a utility bill.

The Zumedic smart phone app works similar to the on-demand car service Uber and Lyft, but instead of a car, a doctor or allied health professional shows up at your door.

Zumedic arrives with a highly skilled medical assistant or nurse and a tool kit stocked with the latest high-tech health gadgets, including tools needed to take your vitals, x-rays, blood draws. If that’s not enough, how about having your medication ordered to you before the doctor even leaves your home! Telemedicine gives doctors a new channel to enhance communication with you. Zumedic even utilizes robotic technology to assist in medical care.

Zumedic has a roster of doctors highly skilled that come from elite backgrounds such as Wayne State University, Harvard, University of Pittsburgh just to name a few.

“We care about giving quality, personalized care to people. Our team of allied healthcare professionals is bringing REAL change to the way people access healthcare through innovations in technology and logistics,” Dr. Bob Rahmanian said, Partner and chief medical officer of Zumedic.