Colorado’s Independent Living Centers: Empowering Seniors to Age in Place and Stay Independent

Continuing a life of health and wellness as one ages requires regular adjustments and adaptations through the body’s many changes.

Living independently in the community late into life is very possible, and requires a commitment to life-long learning of new skills.

Across Colorado, Independent Living Centers, or ILCs, help seniors and their families and friends adjust and adapt to aging in place. As the body ages there is a common diminishing of six core functions that many will experience. Hearing, vision, mobility, speech, cognition, and self-care are all areas that seniors will lose some amount of capacity in as they age.  Independent Living Centers are non-profit organizations, highly skilled and trained in working with seniors, their care staff and their families to create solutions for a richer, independent life at home. On the Western Slope, Center for Independence is an Independent Living Center that provides solutions including paratransit, in-home services and environmental modifications including the installation of adaptations such as ramps and grab bars. ILCs also offer Transitional Placement services to facilitate the transition of one already living in a group, nursing or institutional setting back into an independent living situation in the community. This in turn saves residents, their families, and tax payers money otherwise spent on the high cost of institutional living. The transitional teams help ensure a successful move back home through a proven comprehensive, multi-agency team approach.

In addition to these previously mentioned no-cost services available through non-profit Independent Living Centers, center-based programs including senior support groups, adaptive technology trainings and social outings. These services are available to ensure seniors aging in place have regular access to skilled and dedicated support professionals committed to providing the opportunity to live an empowered, independent life in the home of one’s choosing. To learn more about a Colorado ILC near you, check out:

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