Innovations in Aging Collaborative Launches Age Friendly Colorado Springs

Innovations in Aging Collaborative, along with the City of Colorado Springs and AARP Colorado are proud to launch the Age Friendly Colorado Springs initiative!

In March of 2016, Colorado Springs joined the AARP Network of Age Friendly Communities, and in June of 2016, officially became part of the World Health Organization Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities.  An Age Friendly city is one that is welcoming for people of all ages, that promotes health and wellness, helps sustain economic growth, and helps increase access to key services and resources.  The idea of a community that is livable for people of all ages, or “livable communities,” describes an inclusive approach to community organization and design, an approach which intends to create communities, both physical and virtual, in which people of any age or ability can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Livable Communities are places where people have accessible and affordable homes, necessary services like grocery stores and pharmacies located nearby, convenient, affordable and comfortable transportation that takes them to a variety of opportunities for socialization and civic engagement and live in a cultural climate where their contributions and participation is valued throughout the lifespan. Livable Communities are also walkable, and have a range of outdoor opportunities such as parks and trails that promote health and wellness for everyone, especially those with physical limitations. In a Livable Community, our elders can age in place, continuing their lives within the community that they know and love, pursuing the opportunities and activities that make life worth living.

With 100+ recommendations in the Age Friendly Colorado Springs Report and Action Plan, we’re working hard to make Colorado Springs livable for people of all ages.  Many of the recommendations from the plan are already in the works!  Check out the Age Friendly Business Designation from the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, or the Old North End Neighborhood iVillage (intergenerational village) for Age Friendly IN ACTION! Visit to learn more about Age Friendly Colorado Springs.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by: Claire Anderson, Executive Director with Innovations in Aging and may be reached at  719-602-3815  or by email at  and Teelin Lucero, Community Outreach Program Director who  may be reached at 719-602-3815 or