Revolving Door Retirement; How to Cope with a Return to Work in Your Golden Years

The Aging Workforce
The percentage of persons aged 65 and older in the workforce has steadily increased over the past decade. In 2005, employees over 65 years of age accounted for 14.5% of the workforce; at the beginning of 2015, older adults made up 19% of the workforce.

Recession-eaten nest eggs and increasing health care costs may be driving many older workers to delay retirement. But for already retired adults who find they need to return to the workforce, the job-seeking process may be intimidating.

Blow the Dust Off and Polish that Résumé
Many changes in technology may leave older job-seekers in need of an update. Getting comfortable in a digital environment is made easier by attending community-based training programs that offer low-cost computer and/or software classes. If an older job-seeker has experience as a bookkeeper, taking a class on a program like QuickBooks might be just the thing to become competitive!

Attending a résumé and cover letter writing workshop to become acquainted with new formatting styles, key words to use, and general rules of thumb could be very helpful. Workshops that teach participants how to use social media, like LinkedIn, or websites, like, in their job search are especially beneficial.

Look for Positions That Are Older Worker Friendly
There’s a reason that the older Wal-Mart greeter has become a cliché in recent years: retail and customer service positions are very senior friendly. Other fields that welcome older workers include elder care/homemaking services, accounting and wealth management, and office administration.

Enlist Help from the Community
Free and low-cost services are available for job-seekers of all ages, while others are specifically for seniors.

SER Colorado Program
SER provides paid training for low-income, unemployed seniors.
19 Old Town Square  Fort Collins, CO 80524     970-419-4362

The Matthews House Education & Employment Center
The EEC provides affordable classes and personalized support services to help individuals reach their career goals. Classes are offered on a sliding scale fee based on household income.
401 Linden Street   Fort Collins, CO 80524   970-482-4357

 Editor’s Note : This article was submitted by Heather Meyer who is the Education and Employment Center Director for The Matthews House. She may be reached at 970-482-4357 or by email at: