Super Foods: Brain Boosting Benefits

It seems today that everyone is interested in the next big thing to help ward off health problems and keep their minds active and fresh. Whether it’s regular exercise, quality sleep or an active social life, retaining your independence in your aging years is something to strive for. With the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia climbing and no clear treatment or prevention in sight, it’s never too early to start boosting your brain reserves. Regardless of your age, taking steps to keep your mind and body healthy can play a huge role in your overall happiness according to the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation.

Just like with any health and fitness plan, boosting your brain reserves can be as simple as incorporating super foods into one’s diet. Even for those who may already struggle with memory loss, adding certain brain boosting foods may make a world of difference in their overall health, according to, a trusted non-profit resource website. By definition, super foods are calorie sparse and nutrient dense foods that pack a lot of punch for their weight in terms of wellness. They can be great sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients. Some examples of super foods include green leafy vegetables, spirulina, wheat grass, goji berries, acai, raw cacao and even bee pollen, seaweed or ginseng! Super foods can be added to ones diet in a variety of ways; one included being the B3 Smoothie Program. This innovative brain boosting benefits (B3) program incorporates super foods into diets through the form of smoothies. An easy treat to create and consume, all the nutrients and vitamins are kept in their most concentrated and beneficial form by blending them raw in a blender unlike cooked fruits or vegetables that can lose nutrients in the cooking process. Adding these smoothies along with regular exercise, quality sleep and active socialization could add another facet to a long well lived life.

Incorporating this daily afternoon or morning snack into a Memory Care community can provide residents with the best possible source of nutrients. The smoothies are designed to enhance and fuel a part of the body that may be affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s. But more importantly, eating right is an additional benefit related to life enrichment. It’s not to say that by consuming these super foods you are ridding yourself of any and all memory loss diseases, however, incorporating a wide variety of healthy activities and foods in your diet could prove to extend your life and your overall wellbeing. To learn more about a brain boosting B3 Smooth Program and how it may benefit your loved one, please visit Spectrum Retirement’s Dining Page at,


Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Samantha McCue. Samantha is a Marketing Manager with Spectrum Retirement.