teleCalm Keeps Seniors Connected and Protected

The teleCalm Phone Service helps seniors make phone calls with confidence, while allowing family caregivers to manage the service remotely.

Seniors face many hurdles as they age:

  • Loneliness and isolation;

  • Loss of independence;

  • Being targeted by scammers and telemarketers.

It’s no surprise families worry about who their loved one is talking to each day, or if they should just take the phone away. Wouldn’t it be great if your loved one could keep their dignity, independence, and their phone, and you had peace of mind?

teleCalm Home Phone Service keeps seniors in touch with family and friends, protects them from financial exploitation, and solves the phone related problems associated with cognitive issues.

teleCalm Caregiver empowers you as the family caregiver to use and tailor features to best fit your family’s needs. Easily curb repeated calls, and set custom quiet hours to manage incoming and outgoing calls during late night hours. Prevent outgoing calls to TV shopping channels and other troublesome numbers. All features are easily managed using the free Caregiver App on your iPhone or Android.

Don’t need the Caregiver App? teleCalm Lite is perfect for seniors who want a protected phone service but don’t want or need a caregiver involved.

Both services offer phone scam protection and call blocking. Only approved callers ring straight through to their home phone. NO calls from known bad guys ever get through. And if your loved one calls 911, you receive an immediate text notification.

The teleCalm Home Phone Service:

  • Replaces existing home phone service – not an additional fee
  • Works with ANY home phone
  • Doesn’t need internet
  • Has no long term contract

See what some of our customers have to say:

“I am a happy camper. This works BEAUTIFULLY!!!!  I am telling EVERYONE with aging parents that I know about it incredible!!!!! Thank you”  -Julie, family caregiver

“It has given her the freedom to talk with family. We love teleCalm!” -Susan, family caregiver

“All I have now is my family. But they took away my phone when I came here [memory care] – so I couldn’t even call them! But now they gave me this new phone service which is just perfect. It’s made all the difference in the world!”  -Emily, memory care resident

Experience peace of mind for you and your loved one by signing up for teleCalm today.

Quick Facts

$36 Million is defrauded from Texans over the phone annually.

Texas has the 4th highest number of consumer fraud complaints per capita.

For seniors in assisted living, the telephone is their greatest source of independence.

It’s vital to keep your loved one connected to family and friends.

79% of seniors would rather give up TV for a week than give up talking with friends and family.

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