Contact Email:
Title: Volunteer Coordinator
City: Harrisburg
State: PA
Zip Code: 17110
Address: 2300 Vartan Way, Suite 270
Contact Phone: (717) 409-8882
Contact: Laurie Murry
Company: Homeland Hospice

Your four-legged best friend can be a wonderful hospice volunteer! Visitation between patients and animals promotes activity, conversation, and emotional connection. Simply cuddling or petting an animal can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and ease depression. Just the presence of the animal is all that is required to promote the positive effects, but patients may quietly enjoy the presence of your pet in silence, or they may like:
• Tossing a ball or toy for the animal to fetch
• Talking to, petting, hugging, holding, or cuddling with the animal
• Enjoying playful animal tricks and commands such as sitting, rolling over, or shaking hands.

Homeland Hospice requires that animals and handlers be certified in pet therapy. Obtaining certification ensures that both handler and animal have proper training and are fully prepared to interact with patients, caregivers, and families. Visits can be made to patients in your community! We offer a self-study Hospice Orientation program so you can train as it fits your schedule. Background check and two-step PPD (TB test) are required; costs are covered by Homeland Hospice.
Pet companions/therapy is much more than a simple visit with an animal. You and your pet have the unique ability to bring joy, humor, love, and comfort to someone on the end-of-life journey.

Contact Laurie Murry, Volunteer Coordinator, at 717-409-8882 for more information.