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The Seniors Blue Book is Here to Help:

My name is Nancy Fenimore, and I am the Publisher and your local partner in our mutual quest to share all things senior.  We are thrilled to provide this ‘go-to’ resource, geared toward offering you a myriad of options from Housing to Health at Home and everything else A-Z.  Want to know what’s happening around town?  Looking for a local networking meeting?  Curious about learning more about a Boulder County senior community or service? We hope you will check out all the  features this page offers.  You have my absolute commitment to keep it fresh, relevant and educational. 

If you know of a business or service that should be added to the Boulder County guide, please email me  and as always, feel free to reach out to me at any time and for any reason. 

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Karen Sumey, LCSW. Karen is a clinical supervisor with Windhorse Elder Care. Karen shares how their "team approach" helps their senior clientele, some who are living with dementia or mental health concerns.
TRU CommunityCare Spotlight with President and CEO Michael McHale

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