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Hooper, NE

A Note From The Regional Director

Welcome to the  Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa Seniors Blue Book! The Seniors Blue Book is excited to beAmy Wilkerson publishing in the Greater Omaha-Lincoln area - the first of its kind in our area and the 28th market served nationally by the Seniors Blue Book.  Our first edition will be hitting the streets in June 2019!

My Name is Amy Wilkerson and I am the Regional Director. Please   CONTACT ME  directly if you have any questions  or inquiries. I have been involved in working with seniors, their family members and the professionals that serve them for over a decade.  We will be distributing 100,000 annually throughout onwards of 1000 distribution points!

Advanced Audiology of Omaha

Dr. Sam Gillespie started Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha in September, 2017 after treating patients in  private practice for eight years in Kansas. Dr. Gillespie’s goal was to bring the excellent patient care that he Dr. Sam Gillespie developed to the Omaha community. 

Advanced Audiology of Greater Omaha is dedicated to improving quality of life by addressing hearing healthcare needs one patient at a time. 

CONTACT  Dr. Gillespie today.

Nebraska - Eastern Region Local Editions

Nebraska - Eastern Region - Coming June 2019!