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The “buzz” on senior living in ‘The Beehive State’

Living the life as a senior citizen in Utah is sweet like honey! No wonder U.S News and World Report named Utah as one the top ten destinations for retirement and senior living. Utah has the sixth fastest growth rate in the nation for people age 65 and older and the growth keeps on coming!

So why do seniors settle down in Utah? It’s because they love where they live! Research shows that current seniors in Utah have lived there for decades and don’t want to leave. Now, the secret is out about why it’s so great to live in Utah. In just three short years, the number of people age 65 and older has increased by almost 6,000. By the year 2020, Utah will expect more than 16,000 seniors to call Utah home.

Are you looking to settle down in Provo, Utah? Or move to hills of St. George? Finding seniors housing in Utah or adequate healthcare and community activities to satisfy your every desire, is within your fingertips!

In just a few minutes, you’ll begin the search as you prepare to open up a new chapter in your life. Seniors Blue Book wants you to know that we’re here for you to help your find your forever home.

Whether you’re a senior, caregiver, child of a senior, social worker, discharge planner or anyone who serves the needs of seniors, your answers are within reach here on Seniors Blue Book!

What Utah Has to Offer

From housing and living arrangements to financial needs, Utah truly looks after it’s senior citizens. The state offers programs to help seniors with their healthcare needs from Northern Utah to the Grand Canyon.

The Utah Eldercare Planning Council (UEPC) lists companies and providers that help Utah families deal with the crisis and burden of long-term care. Preparing for you our your loved ones future means providing services for living a healthy and happy life.

Need help figuring out exactly what services you or your loved one might need in Utah? Seniors Blue Book wants to help you in the right direction. Here’s a description of what most Utah seniors are looking for.

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Senior Housing

Find a place that suits your living needs with the perfect housing arrangements. The decision to find you or your loved one a new home, as they grow old can be difficult and quite emotionally straining.

We want to feel safe in knowing that when we go to sleep, we’re protected. Our database full of independent living, assisted living and nursing homes opens up a wide world of possibilities for living in comfort in Utah!

Health at Home

With one phone call, you’ll get the service and help you need to live easier whether you’re at your home or an assisted living facility. In the midst of the cold winters in Utah, don’t risk traveling in bad weather. Have someone come to you to provide medical supplies, medical equipment, personalized visitations, and even emergency response calls.

These services make living at home easier and are an alternative for seniors who might not be ready to move on to a fully functional nursing home. Keep your home and independence by bringing the care to you or your loved one.

Health Services

Looking to get in shape without having to join a gym? Health and wellness instructors are on call to make sure you’re staying active. Other services include rehab services, counseling, hospices, vision resources prescription programs and assistance with finding pharmacies and hospitals.

This is where you’ll find your entire health care needs to make life easier for you or your loved ones. Having these services programmed into your phone can be the difference in life and death in some cases, make sure you’re prepared.

Professional Services

In the event of tragedy, be prepared so you’re not putting the burden on your loved ones. Many cities across Utah are equipped with legal and financial help to assist with your end of life concerns.

Services include estate planning, funeral planning, real estate services and much more. Don’t face the unknown alone when you have the help of Seniors Blue Book at your side.

Community Services

Getting old doesn’t mean we don’t stop doing daily activities. Find a local library and check out a few books or adventure out to the Grand Canyon for a breath-taking view. There are dozens of programs and organizations that provide specialized services to senior citizens. From healthcare to dating and relationships, and even finding faith-based senior groups, there’s support in every direction, so follow us!

We’ll Be Here

Make the most out of your senior years and settle down in a state that considers senior citizens a crucial part of the American Dream! As you search for your forever home, Seniors Blue Book will be there by your side to help you live happy and free!