Adult Day Care or In-Home Care: Your Choice

Many of us were familiar with “day care” when our kids were pre-school age, and we needed the kids to be cared for while we were at work. Well, what about having mom or dad living with us when they shouldn’t be left alone at home all day. Not only would it be boring, but it may be medically unadvisable.

We have choices of in-home care such as a Home Care and Personal Assistance agency (pages 50 – 52), or away-from-home care in an Adult Day Care (ADC) facility (page 7)


The available level of care varies among agencies and ADC facilities, so be sure your loved one’s needs will be met when selecting care. In-home care with a caregiver affords certain “comforts of home” that may be beneficial, yet an ADC offers interaction with other seniors and activities not available at home. Both have advantages; we have had families tell us that they use both options, with in-home care on the first two days of the work week, and ADC the other three days. Whichever you choose, be sure it’s providing an enriching, satisfying experience for your loved one.