Are you a Veteran Are You a Surviving Spouse

Aid & Attendance

was established in 1952 to provide financial assistance to wartime Veterans and or their surviving spouses who lack the funds necessary to pay for the care they require with routine activities of daily living.

Those who served our country during the following wars (whether overseas or stateside) are eligible for a special payment to assist them with providing care for themselves, a spouse or surviving spouse:  WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, or the first Gulf War.

This pension is designed to help the Veteran pay for the assistance of someone to help them with the activities of daily living such as medication management, dressing, mobility, meal preparation, bathing etc. Care can be provided at home, in an assisted living community, or in a nursing home. The care can be provided by loved ones or professional staff. 

A Veteran may receive up to $1,644 a month.  A Veteran and spouse may receive $1,949 and a surviving spouse of a Veteran, up to $1,056 per month.  This pension is paid directly to the Veteran or spouse’s bank account similar to their social security check and it is completely TAX FREE.

Many Veterans or their surviving spouses require the assistance of someone to come in to help them with things such as cooking, cleaning, driving to appointments etc. while at the same time helping them with some personal care.  Many of these seniors prefer to stay at home but cannot afford to have someone help them with these activities. With this tax-free pension, they would be able to afford the assistance they need in home or move into assisted living that provides them with the care they deserve.

If you served our country during a period of war, check out your eligibility for this pension.  If you require assistance at home, if you currently live in an assisted living community, or if nursing care is inevitable, you may be able to increase your standard of living or move into the type of community where you can receive the care you deserve.

Editors Note: This article was submitted by Carole Autrey, Director of Senior Care Associates, 801-424-1444