Are You Feeling Stressed Managing The Effects Of Aging?

Are you feeling stressed managing the effects of aging?  Care Management can help!

Mrs. Morris, a 77 year old woman living at home, used to spend time with her daughter going to craft shows and working in the garden. A few months ago, Mrs. Morris began struggling with feeling unsteady, having difficulty walking and feeling some depression. As a result, much of the time spent with her daughter focused on filling her medication planners, going to doctors’ appointments, or running errands. Her daughter, busy managing her two boys and career, did not have extra time to spend doing the things the two of them enjoyed. This strained their relationship and Mrs. Morris wondered what she could do to relieve her daughter’s stress.

Sound familiar? This is a common scenario for families: adult children are trying to manage their own children and careers while supporting their aging parents’ increasing needs. Fortunately, there is help! Care Managers provide support to individuals and families so that they can focus their energy on spending quality time together. Care Managers are highly educated, resourceful and unbiased advocates who can do many things a home care aide does not. They perform comprehensive assessments to create customized recommendations and care plans. They follow a client’s goals, preferences and medical history and help them manage their appointments, services, medications and therapies. Some Care Managers are even on-call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies. Ultimately, Care Managers can enable individuals to stay at home longer, to spend less time in the hospital and, most importantly, relieve stress for families.

Last month, Mrs. Morris hired a Care Manager who did everything possible to understand her individual situation. The Care Manager coordinated physical therapy and a medication review to address her unsteadiness and risk of falls. The Care Manager assists with her medication planners and medical appointments. And the Care Manager communicates frequently with Mrs. Morris and her daughter to keep everyone updated. Now Mrs. Morris feels relieved that her daughter can focus on her family and there is time again for the dearly missed crafting and gardening.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Sheila Schmidt, owner of Life Care Solutions, a Care Management company started in 1994 also offering Guardianship and Medical Power of Attorney services. She may be reached at 719-447-1711 or by email at