Care Management: Here to Help

There is much to know about the needs of seniors and the complexities of “Aging in Place” options. Navigating our complex health care system along with all the legal, social, medical and financial aspects can be overwhelming for anyone. Care managers can provide the guidance and support you need to assist you or your loved one with this process.

A Care Manager is a skilled professional, often times a social worker or nurse who completes an initial assessment and develops a care plan as a guide, with recommended support and services.
In-Home Assessment: The Care Manager determines the level of care needed by the client to fit their specific needs. An assessment is conducted that includes their current health status as well as a review of their health insurance, previous doctor’s visits and current health care plan. A comprehensive care plan is formulated from the information collected.

Short & Long-Term Management: Primary beneficiaries of Care Management services include families with aging parent or anyone with a recent medical event that resulted in an acute decline in health. For Short-term instances, the care manager will determine home safety and help you locate health care agencies and medical equipment. For long-term cases, they provide ongoing care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or those who have suffered a stroke, heart attack, and orthopedic conditions such as a broken hip.

Community Resources: In addition to offering referrals and ensuring a safe home environment, they can also accompany you to doctor’s appointments. They have extensive networking knowledge of resources available within the health care system, including insurance to assist you in navigating through the tools available to you. They make it easier for you to secure the services you need to assure you the best individualized care available.Care Managers advocate for their clients and become their agents of change. Their professional experience, knowledge and passion can help you or your loved one thrive.

Editor’s Note: Submitted by Christina Curtis, LBSW, Care Manager at Piece by Piece Care Management, LLC. Christina may be reached at 469-631-5110 or