Consider Dental Plans for Savings

Everyone Wants To Sell You Dental Insurance; But A Dental Plan Is Better

Dental care is the largest out-of-pocket medical expense for many retirees. To save a diseased molar can mean a root canal ($900) and a crown ($1100); totaling $2,000. Only 30% of seniors have any type of dental coverage. But is it worth it to buy dental coverage? Probably not; instead consider a good discount dental plan. A single senior (age 65 or older) cost for a discount dental plan can be as low as $8.95 per month ($107.40 per year). Members of a discount dental plan are given special reduced fees from a network of excellent dentists who will perform all dental procedures at 20-60% savings. And you do get a tax deduction for your dental care costs.

Dental insurance has a low annual limit on benefits– typically $1200. AARP’s basic plan costs $478 per year, which gives you a maximum of $1000 for dental work. Or they have a plan with a $1350 maximum for $664 per year. This is typical of most stand alone dental insurance coverage. Though you usually have twice a year cleanings and exams that do not count against the maximum, are they really “free” when you are paying those types of premiums?

Today there are more options for seniors to help save money on dental costs. Consider what you spent on dental care last year, and find a discount dental plan so you can compare those costs. The savings will surprise you!

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Don Whaley, with American Dental Group and may be reached at 719-633-3000 or by email at