Affordable High Quality Dental Care

At Independent Dental Care, we believe in providing high quality dental care at an affordable price.

Many of our patients are seniors or those with very limited healthcare policies that give few benefits and charge more for their other needs. We understand this and go out of our way to make sure that patients receive quality dental care at a fair price.
After watching the dental profession change, we felt it had to be done a different way (A Non Insured Way). Dental insurance itself is a huge clerical expense for a dental office. If we worked with insurance companies, we would have to hire more people just to process claims as the insurance companies decide the best treatment for the patient.
Patients often remark they find our office to be a breath of fresh air in an age where big corporations and insurance agencies are invading every aspect of our lives, including our healthcare. Here at Independent Dental Care, we treat all patients like we would our own family and friends.
We offer no gimmicks just to get you in the office. We offer only modern quality dental treatment at an affordable cost.

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