Dental Plans Are The Smart Choice For Seniors

As our bodies age, they develop a unique set of dental health needs.

Regular visits to the dentist are necessary for good oral hygiene to diminish the number of problems that can arise.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four seniors have lost all of their teeth. Some conditions can result in problems that can harm senior’s ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

Dental care is considered to be the largest out-of-pocket expense for many retirees. The largest health insurance provider for adults 65 and over, Medicare, does NOT provide coverage for routine dental care.

Unfortunately, traditional dental insurance options include high premiums and include a number of restrictions and often do not cover preexisting conditions.

AARP’s basic plan, with a $1,000 maximum, costs around $478 per year, or their plan with a $1,350 maximum is priced at $664 per year.  They usually include twice a year cleanings and exams, but at those prices, are they really free?

In contrast, a dental discount plan such as American Dental Group, offers the opportunity to obtain affordable treatment for existing oral health problems, with no age restrictions, no maximum spending caps, and no waiting period.

Discount plans are a smart, practical alternative to dental insurance.  For a low monthly fee, members get access to a network of outstanding dentists who have agreed to offer discounted rates. In addition, there are no claims to file, as you pay the dentist the discounted rate on the spot.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Leslie Massey with American Dental Group and may be reached at 800-633-3010 or by email at