Don’t Sell the House – Let Property Managers Take Care of Your Golden Goose!

Many seniors and their families face two tough questions when planning a move to a senior community:

1)      How to plan for the costs when the length of stay is uncertain? and

2)      What to do with the house that is being left behind?

For many seniors, maintaining ownership of the house as a rental property can be the smartest and safest way to ensure a long-term income stream to help cover retirement costs for an indefinite number of years.  Your house essentially becomes the golden goose that can continue to generate substantial income for you year after year until the property is sold or passed down to the next generation.

And what about the hassles of being a landlord? This is where professional property managers come to the rescue!  A good, trustworthy property manager can make owning a rental property nearly as easy and worry-free as owning any other financial instrument like stocks or bonds.

What Can Professional Property Managers Do for You?

A full-service, professional property management company can take over the management of your home at any stage in your relocation process, and help you arrange everything you need to do to get your house generating income for you and your family.  Services might include: arranging for removal of your furniture, painting, cleaning, and/or other repairs as necessary to make the house suitable for renters.  The next step will be for the property manager to advertise the property for rent, provide thorough tenant screening and background checks, collect a security deposit, and sign a lease with the tenants.  Once tenants move in, the property manager will handle all ongoing issues such as rent collection and response to tenant needs or repair issues.  With a professional property manager at your side, you can enjoy the excellent financial benefits of real estate ownership (house appreciation plus a steady monthly income stream) without the hassles of being your own landlord.

A Trusted Resource for Seniors and their Families

All County Boulder Property Management is a trusted resource you can count on to provide excellent management services for you anywhere in Boulder County.   All County brings over 20 years of experience managing residential properties for seniors and their family members.  We promise to provide honest and competent professionals to ensure reliable care of what is typically your most valuable material asset.  Our job will be to eliminate the hassles, enabling you and your family members to utilize the property’s rental income to enjoy a relaxing and stress-free retirement.  You will love the long-term rental income stream and be glad you didn’t sell the golden goose!

Editor’s Note:  This article was submitted by Simon Heart, owner of All County Boulder Property Management in Boulder, Colorado.  For more information, call 720-428-2100 or send an email