Keep Your Eye On The Prize

So, you have decided to move into a smaller home. Now comes the challenge of what to take with you and what to let go of. Do you have heirlooms or maybe you have an excessive number of cookbooks? Perhaps you have a garage full of unfinished projects that have ended up in the abyss of good intentions.

This was Dee’s challenge. She was moving from a 3,200 square foot home to a 1,500 square foot home to be closer to her children. She struggled with what to part with as she had many items that held sentimental value. She felt that parting with the items meant leaving the memories behind. I was able to help her realize that memories are things that are kept in your heart, not held in your hands. When she struggled I helped her keep her eye on the prize. We would talk about what was more important, being close to her family or her things.
As you work on downsizing remember you can take the memories without having to take everything. Think outside of the box when deciding what to do with your things. A client had nearly one hundred framed drawings from her aunt. She had no place to put them on her walls but she was reluctant to get rid of them. I suggested that she take them out of the frames and have them bound into a coffee table book. Something I run across often is what to do with grandma’s china. No one wants to get rid of it and most children don’t want it. If you can’t part with the china I suggest you get rid of your daily dishes and use the china for every day. Enjoy it! Stay focused on your “Prize” and the wonderful memories to come!

This article was submitted by:
Laurie Wrobel
Clutter 911