You Have Choices…

When it comes to hearing loss, most people think the only choice they have is to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids, but that’s not true – you DO have choices.

Did you know that by age 65, one out of every three of your friends will be living with a notable level of hearing loss? Statistics show 75% of those living with mild to moderate hearing loss will never see an Audiologist, but rather continue to struggle to hear in difficult settings such as restaurants, cars and social gatherings.

Assistive listening devices, such as personal amplifiers, are one solution that many find to be a suitable option, as they are very cost effective and can offer enough amplification for mild, moderate and profound hearing loss. PSAPs, or Personal Sound Amplifying Products, often closely resemble hearing aids. So what is the difference? A hearing aid is a medical device that addresses your specific level of hearing loss and may be programmed for your individual needs. A PSAP, however, is NOT a medical device – it is a product that provides amplification only, with pre-programmed options for different environments such as noisy restaurants. While the cost of hearing aids varies greatly, an average hearing aid will cost approximately $2,500 each. Comparatively, a high quality PSAP will only cost you around $425 each – a very notable savings!

Whether you have been suffering from hearing loss for years or if you are just starting to experience difficulty hearing certain sounds, I encourage you to explore your options, gather information and find out which solution may be right for you. PSAPs may be a great alternative for those who are not ready for, or cannot afford, a hearing aid.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Abby Armijo.
Abby is the President and Owner of ADCO Hearing Products and may be reached at 303-794-3704 or by email at