VITAS Brings Hospice Care Home to Assisted Living Facilities

If you’re like most Americans, you prefer to age in place in your own home. That’s why hospice services come to residents in assisted living facilities (ALF)—to enhance the care they are already receiving. VITAS® Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care, is proud to recognize National Assisted Living Week: September 9–15, 2018.

ALFs are designed to feel as much like home as possible. Residents enjoy comfortable surroundings, social activities and home-like amenities, with some receiving help with dressing, eating, personal care and hygiene, as well as daily monitoring for select chronic diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and diabetes.

Hospice care in the ALF
If an individual becomes eligible for hospice care, an interdisciplinary VITAS team works with the resident, his family and physician, and ALF staff to implement a care plan that supports comfort, pain relief, symptom management and quality of life at the end of life.

A VITAS hospice team—doctor, nurse, aide, chaplain, social worker, bereavement specialist and volunteer—brings compassionate care and medical expertise to the ALF resident at the bedside, addressing physical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs.

Compassionate care from a hospice team

Covered 100% by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans, patients pay nothing out-of-pocket for hospice team visits, medical equipment, medications and supplies that are related to the terminal illness and delivered to the ALF.

VITAS, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018, also provides specialized services, including Paw Pals® pet visits, music therapy and massage therapy. VITAS teams recognize the unique experiences of veterans and provides culturally sensitive care for Latino, Asian, Haitian, African American, Jewish and LGBTQ populations. When an ALF resident passes away, VITAS provides bereavement services and grief support to the family, staff and other residents for up to a year.

If an ALF is home, VITAS can provide the hospice services that will enable residents to live, age and die in the comfort of their own home. In honor of National Assisted Living Week, that’s comforting to know.

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