Valley-Wide Health Systems – Looking Back, Moving Forward

We aim to keep our communities healthy and provide family medicine services at clinics across the San Luis Valley, Arkansas Valley, and Cañon City.

Primary Care Services

Our clinics provide services for all, treating both acute and chronic conditions.

Dental Services

Spread across eight clinics in Southern Colorado, Valley-Wide offers excellent dental services for the entire family. Our dentists and dental hygienists provide preventative education to adults and children both in our clinics and through outreach in our communities. We also provide basic dental services such as exams, x-rays, and cleanings, in addition to more extensive services when necessary. Staying true to the organization’s mission, our teams work with patients to ensure they have the guidance necessary to prevent dental problems in the future.

Behavioral Health Services

Recognizing the tremendous benefit that Behavioral Health services can have on an individual living a healthy lifestyle and staying true to the mission of being an integrated health care organization, Valley-Wide has implemented Behavioral Health services into the organization’s service line offerings. As this initiative continues to develop, Valley-Wide will integrate Behavior Health services into the patient care model, providing a comprehensive and team-oriented approach to health care.

Physical Therapy Services

The Physical Therapy team at Valley-Wide helps improve a patient’s strength, flexibility, and balance, while also managing pain. We are continuing to expand this service.
The central focus of Valley-Wide Health Systems has always been the patient and what is best for them. Whether you are establishing care or seeking different options in the services you receive, we invite you to experience what being our top priority is all about.

This article was submitted by Elario Rickey. Elario is a Communications and Marketing Director with Valley-Wide Health Systems and may be reached at  719-587-1153 or by email at