Introducing: The Geriatric Care Manager

Seniors and care givers shopping for necessary services quickly discover how complex this process can be. There is an incredible amount of information available on innumerable services, but the learning curve is sharp and the entire process is overwhelming. Sorting through the options on your own is arduous and may not produce the most ideal outcome. A geriatric care manager has already done this research. She will assess the individual needs of the senior, and develop a care plan. She can coordinate all aspects of necessary services, resolve family conflicts, assist with medicaid/medicare issues, and arrange legal and financial services.


Are you a senior?

It’s never too early to develop a care plan. Making your wishes known before care is needed will reduce future stress, expense, time and family conflict. A care manager can walk you through the planning process and explain the pros and cons of every option. She can arrange legal and financial counsel and help you determine the best course of action for your unique situation.


Do you have an aging loved one?

One in four American families is caring for an aging loved one in some capacity. Many live hundreds of miles apart. It’s difficult to spend quality time with your loved one when all your “spare” time is spent coordinating, managing, researching, and providing care and services. A care manager can streamline this process. She can give a one time consultation, make professional recommendations, and resolve concerns; and can provide ongoing coordination and support.


Are you an industry professional?

You are likely a compassionate person who loves seniors. Chances are you spend 10-15 hours per week providing non-billable services such as: mediating family conflicts, researching and coordinating services, assisting clients with insurance issues, and planning the next step. By passing the baton to a geriatric care manager, you are addressing client needs and performing your job effectively.

Care Management is covered by some long term care insurance policies, however it is usually a privately paid service. Fees for services vary from agency to agency but are reasonable and affordable. Because care management ultimately saves time and money in the long run, it is worth the initial investment!


This Article Submitted by Taryn Pearce, owner of Age Well Utah, a senior care consulting and care management firm with a ‘quality of life’ focus. She can be contacted via phone or email. 801-690-1223