Moving a Senior? 5 Important Reasons to Call a Senior Move Manager First!

Moving is stressful enough but moving a senior out of a home they love can be downright traumatic.

Unlike traditional moving companies a senior relocation service isn’t just a pack up and move them company. They also help clients with the grieving component of these moves and patiently calm fears by working alongside seniors and their families as a trusted partner in their transition.

Families who have hired a Move Manager will tell you it was worth every penny even if you only considered the time and hassle they were saved. These services are much more affordable than you might think which is why seniors in other states have been hiring them for years.

5 reasons you should call a Move Manager:

1) Adult children are often busy or might live far away. A local senior move manager can take on the responsibilities of getting the move completed. This reduces stress on everyone allowing families to just be family.

2) Most seniors have spent decades accumulating personal belongings. Hiring someone who is not emotionally attached can speed up the process & reduce tensions between family members.

3) An unfortunate part of getting older is reduced strength, balance, and flexibility. Move Managers understand the special limitations of older adults which can reduce the possibility of injuries and accidents as they work together.

4) Move Managers know the complexities of transitioning into a retirement community. They can design a floor plan to help with furniture downsizing decisions. Services also include unpacking, setting up furniture, hanging pictures and even hooking up electronics.

5) They have a wide network of trusted professionals. Many families need help with things like finding the right retirement community, buying furniture, or emptying out a home and getting it ready to sell. Whatever your needs they can assist you in locating the right local person for the job.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Scott Meyer of CareMove who has been helping transition Utah seniors out of their homes for 7 years. Contact him at 801-820-2010 or by email: