The Making of a Move

All moves share some common elements including why move, when to move, where to move and how to move. The answers depend on individual circumstances and one’s age. We’ll consider moves from the viewpoint of a senior. Why and when often can be addressed together.

The motivation for a senior to move can be initiated by needs related to physical health, social activity, memory support. Some people anticipate their needs and tour senior communities and get on waiting lists. Others wait to make a decision until they are forced to, which is usually the result of a health crisis and they are told by a doctor that they can no longer live in their home. Where to move includes decisions that must be made about the type of living situation one desires. Options include everything from a condo, to independent senior living communities, assisted living, and memory care. Those who plan in advance will have more options regarding location, amenities, etc. Those who move in crisis mode generally have fewer options as they must settle for what is available at the moment. How to move also has options: you can pack and move yourself, hire a moving company to move your things, or hire a move management company to plan your move, pack and move your things, and unpack everything for you. Whether or not you have planned your move or are moving in crisis mode, hiring a move management expert will greatly reduce the stress of the situation and get you settled quickly in your new home; usually within 1 – 3 days, depending on the size and scope of your move. Some companies also will help you downsize and conduct a clean out of your old home to get it ready for sale. What may have seemed overwhelming and impossible can be managed by the experts, leaving you and your family to focus on your new home and future.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Holly Hansen, Owner – Brilliant Moves