A Labyrinth of Long Term Care Choices

Need information for an aging relative or yourself but don’t know where to start?

The overall goal of the ADRC (Aging & Disability Resources for Colorado) program is to empower individuals to effectively navigate their health and other long-term support options through free, unbiased assistance. Sometimes referred to as “one stop shops” or “no wrong door” systems, ADRCs address many of the frustrations consumers and their families experience when trying to find needed information, services, and supports. Through integration or coordination of existing aging and disability service systems, ADRC programs raise visibility about the full range of options that are available, provide objective information, advice, counseling and assistance, empowering people to make informed decisions about their long term supports, and help people more easily access public and private long term supports and services programs. The ADRC program is available to people age 60 and over and age 18 – 59 with a disability that have long-term care needs.

Information & Assistance

ADRC Resource Specialists are very knowledgeable about available programs and services to help meet your needs. You can receive information on the following:


Caregiver support ●    Medicaid / Medicare

Employment ●    Senior Center

Housing assistance ●    Social Security

Legal assistance ●    Transportation and many others….

Long-term care facilities


Options Counseling

Options counseling is a person-centered approach to help individuals gain an understanding of the benefits and limitations of long-term care support and service options. You can expect the following with your ADRC Options Counselor:


  • Interview and assessment of needs
  • Assistance in accessing services
  • Explore individualized options and resources
  • Action planning
  • Follow up to assure service delivery and quality of care
  • Decision support

ADRCs help cut through the confusing maze of funding sources, multiple intake systems, and eligibility processes. ADRCs provide help to people in all 64 counties in Colorado. For more information call: 1.844.COL.ADRC (1.844.265.2372)

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Tara Morrow, SRDA Deputy Director. For more information, contact the SRDA Active Adult Center at 719-554-8900. See ad on page