Live Fully. Travel Safely!

We live in a world where driving and independence seem to go hand in hand. Yet for most indi-viduals, there comes a time when driving may no longer be safe. York County has seen a re-cent increase in the percentage of motor vehicle accidents where the driver is an older adult.

Our physical abilities, reaction times, vision and hearing change as we age. That doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to do things that are important to us and remain actively connected to our community.

The York County Center for Traffic Safety and rabbittransit have partnered to launch a new safety campaign focused on transitioning York County residents age 50+ from driving their own vehicles to using rabbittransit services and other alternative transportation options. The goal is to provide tools for older adults to transition so they can stay active in their community and “Live Fully, Travel Safely.”

Funded in part through a grant from the York County Community Foundation’s Hahn Home Fund for Embracing Aging, the two organizations will be implementing a public awareness campaign and expanding rabbittransit’s Travel Training program to include volunteers.

For seniors who are not comfortable or who do not know how to ride public transporta-tion, the Travel Training program helps make the connection. Travel Trainers are available to work with individuals to register and even go along on the first ride. The Travel Training is also available for groups; board a bus, go for a ride, help with registration, and provide information on all available transportation options in our community. Interested in becoming a Volunteer Travel Trainer? Contact Sherry Welsh at 717-849-0731.

In Pennsylvania, we are fortunate that transportation for those age 65+ is supported by the PA Lottery. Adults 65+ ride free of charge on rabbittransit buses, and pay only a small co-pay to use the door to door shared ride system. Living well in our community should not depend on owning a car. When it is time to “give up the keys”, it doesn’t mean giving up our independ-ence. More than 8,000 people depend on rabbittransit each day to get to work, medical facili-ties, school and other life-sustaining activities – you can too!

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Richard Farr, the Executive Director of rabbittransit in York, PA. Rabbittransit provides transportation in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and York counties. For more information, please visit