All Retired Veterans, Spouses & Their Widows, Free Home Care Is Available Now!

“As a young boy in the mid 80’s, I remember making home visits to my then 85 year old, great-grandmother, Mrs. Tennie Frass, also known as ‘Ninny’ to us kids.  Today, over 30 years later it chokes me up knowing that she could have received 46 hours per month of FREE home care services through this unique program, mostly because she was a widow of a WWII Veteran!  However, the care was never introduced because no one knew about it.”

Question:  Have you heard of a ‘not-so-popular’ benefit called the Aid & Attendance through the VA?   In 1952, Congress passed Title 38 of the US Code creating the Department of Veteran’s Affair which authorized benefits for Veterans.  One of these benefits was the Aid & Attendance, (a.k.a. the  A & A) in which the funds could be used to provide non-medical care for those eligible.  An incredibly powerful benefit that covers non-medical expenses of light house cleaning, bathing, meal prep, laundry, transportation, medication reminders, companionship and much more… again, if you’re ‘eligible.’

So, who’s eligible you might ask?

  • over 65 years old
  • Veteran served 90 days of active duty, one day during a major wartime (i.e. WWII, Korean, Vietnam)
  • honorably discharged
  • have a medical condition causing them to need assistance with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living)
  • have limited income and assets (excluding home and car)

Fact: Traditional methods of getting ‘entitled or paid’ through the A&A takes an estimated 6-15 months before care starts… why so long you ask?  Because most family members don’t understand the precision and articulation of the estimated 16-18 VA required forms.  When these items are submitted to the VA, in most cases, they’re sent incorrectly.  So what is our estimated start of care?  It ranges from 2-4 weeks!  It’s not voodoo or black magic but it does include an experienced staff that includes Case Managers and VA Accredited Agents on our team.  Moreover, there are never any hidden fees or upfront costs.  Plus, once you’re entitled, the benefit can remain in effect for the rest of your life!…

“I can only imagine how good life would have been for my Ninny had we known about this program so many years ago.  My goal today is to NOT allow ‘other Ninny’s’ to go through life without the awareness of such an awesome program.  Plus, its only available through Veterans Aide at Home!”

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Steve Lee, Founder & Co-Owner of Veterans Aide at Home- a non-medical home care agency dedicated to Veterans, Spouses and their Widows/ers.  He can be reached at 720-326-0319 or by email at: to learn more.