Why Veterans Should take the Time to Talk to Your Local Veterans Service Officer

As Regional Veterans Service Officer(VSO) and a fellow Veteran I understand all too well the frustration of filling out endless paperwork to enroll in the VA Healthcare System or filing a Service or Non-Service Connected Disability Claim, only to be told you may not be eligible for a variety of reasons. As a Veteran you have earned those benefits, and your local VSO (employed by the town with oversight by the Mass Department of Veterans Services) is the best person to assist you. We can help you fill out the forms with less stress and even submit them for you to our counterparts in the federal Department of Veterans Affairs. If you would like a third party such as the DAV to act on your behalf, we can help arrange that as well. As a Veterans’ Agent we also offer financial benefits and other services to Veterans within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under CH 115. All of these benefits are also available to your family (spouse, children, widow). To find your VSO go to massvetsadvisor.org or call your local town hall.streaming film Tulip Fever 2017

This article was submitted by Sarada Kalpee, Director West Suburban Veterans’ Service (VSO) District.