“V.I.S.I.B.L.E.” Connections (Visually Impaired Seniors Initiating a Better Life Experience)

Visible Connections is a free organization providing opportunities for blind and visually impaired seniors to significantly enhance their quality of life.

It’s not unusual for new visually impaired seniors to feel their life is over and fear they will become nothing but a burden. The truth is they can live full, meaningful lives! The organization provides opportunities to:
1. Form connections with others who have faced similar obstacles
2. Increase opportunities for social interaction
3. Stimulate thinking
4. Improve physical fitness
5. Promote a more hopeful, positive outlook on life through exposure to others who are further along in their journey of adjustment to visual loss.

Examples of Current Programs:
• Monthly Gatherings (professional entertainment, speakers, games, visiting, refreshments, celebrations)
• Walk & Talk (mall walking at your own pace with a sighted partner)
• Men’s & Women’s Support Groups
• Lunch Bunch (various restaurants)
• Friendship Volunteers: Members serve as volunteers for Pittsburgh charities.

Editor’s Note: Article submitted by Dr. Andrea Schwartz of Visible Connections. The Group is located at Berkeley Hills Lutheran Church in Ross Township, (724) 444-0064.