Assisted Living is Big Business

Assisted Living is big business. Senior care communities are expanding rapidly in response to our aging population. Baby boomers, people born between 1945 and 1964 now represent 25% of the total population.

Seniors have more choices than ever for care options. One alternative that some families are unaware of is a group home. A group home is a single family home, licensed by the State of Colorado to offer assisted living services. This option is often not considered because these homes are tucked away in ordinary neighborhoods. You may have a group home in your neighborhood.

Group homes offer the same services such as bathing, dressing, meals and laundry but for fewer residents. Most group homes have five to eight residents. Because there are fewer residents the care they offer is often better. A group home feels more like the home your mother lived in prior to needing assisted care. Research also shows that people with dementia respond better in a home environment. Residents do not sit alone all day in their apartment, they are helping fold laundry, setting the table or making the salad. These activities give the residents a sense of purpose and belonging.

Most experts agree that the single most important factor when considering options for a loved one is the care that is offered. The most important person is the caregiver that interacts every day with your loved one. When evaluating senior care, look past the fancy amenities and take a good look at the way the business is managed. Look at the care staff, look at the company training standards, and ask the staff if they are happy. The care staff sets the tone for residents. If the staff is cheerful and well trained the residents will receive excellent care.

Millbrook Homes have been   recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association as offering excellent care for the memory impaired. Four of the caregivers at MillBrook Homes have been nominated this year for The Pat and George Sugerman Award an award offered by the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to a professional caregiver that offers outstanding care.


Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Janet Cornell of Millbrook Homes she can be reached by phone at 303-220-7989 or by email at: