Four Facts About Personal Care Communities

Don’t wait until an emergency arises to discuss your future care plans. As you continue to age, your level of care increases. And, just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you should compromise your independence. Personal care communities are revolutionizing the quality of care to shed pesky stereotypes.

Before brushing off the idea of moving to a senior living community, consider what you don’t know about them:

Personal care communities and nursing homes are NOT the same. You may be pre-judging because of a myth, stereotype or personal experience; however, times have changed! These words are different and so is their meaning and level of care. Personal care communities offer assistance when needed but also want you to thrive independently.

It’s NOT too expensive. When you think about your living expenses like food, utilities, lawn care, transportation, and other upkeep, senior living communities are a cost-effective solution. Additionally, there are other financing options available, such as long-term care insurance or Aid and Attendance, a pension available to wartime Veterans and their surviving spouse.

Senior living communities are NOT the same. Just like people, no two personal care communities are alike. Schedule a tour so you can meet current residents and staff. Interacting with your potential new neighbors gives you the opportunity to get a real feel for the community. During a tour, you can discuss levels of personal care offered, the monthly cost, buy-in fee, additional charges, and if 24-hour nursing personnel are available.

You WON’T feel bored. Personal care communities plan a wide range of daily, exciting events such as social gatherings, spiritual services, day trips, and more. Request a copy of the social calendar to see if activities support your current hobbies while providing new interests you can pursue.

Keeping your independence is the ultimate goal. Don’t let myths about senior living communities’ compromise your future care plans. If you’re unsure about senior care options, ask your doctor and family members for suggestions or referrals.

Editor’s Note: Kelly Blessing, marketing director at Senior Commons at Powder Mill Independent Living, Personal Care and Memory Care, submitted this article.