When to Consider a Move to a Senior Living Community

Let’s face it, the thought of moving away from your home and into a senior living community can be a daunting decision.

For many people that are 65 and older, contemplating a move can seem like the last chapter of a well-read book; however, most people have say, “I wish I would’ve made the move a lot sooner!”Get Out 2017 streaming

I have been told that there are many benefits to moving out of a private home and into a community that is geared towards mature adults:

  • “After I moved in, I met so many wonderful new friends. I didn’t realize how lonely I was and what I was missing by myself.”
  • “There is a sense of community here. If I am not feeling well, someone is around to check on me, bring me a cup of soup.”
  • “I feel safer here- the building has around the clock staff and they look out for us.”
  • “You get accustomed to all the work at home – the cleaning, cooking, yard work, house maintenance, all of it. I felt like I was on vacation when I moved in. If I want to cook, I cook, but I don’t have to. I can eat at the restaurant downstairs instead. I don’t have yard work and they even help me with weekly cleaning. I am spending time doing things I like to do – I have even started sewing again.”

Of course, there are many considerations such as price, location and property amenities to think about before making a move. Where you live matters (www.whereyoulivematters.org) is a website that offers an “unbiased, research-based, and thought-provoking resource” to help “guide you toward a smart and confident decision.” (whereyoulivematters.com home page content, 12.27.2016.)

Are you considering a specific community? Why not ask about a “try before you rent” short-stay? This can be extremely helpful in making a final decision.

Finally, remember that making a move to a retirement community doesn’t have to be the last chapter in your life’s book; it could mean an exciting sequel that has yet to be written!

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Kelly Saracino, LPN, VP Business Development with Frontline Management and submitted by Sharon Naslund, Community Relations Director at Villa Pueblo Senior Living Community. Sharon may be reached at 719-253-3725  or by email at snaslund@villapueblo.com