Is Respite Care The Answer For Your Family?

Are you a caretaker, but your own health is failing?

Do you need more time to recover following a hospital stay or surgery?

Are you thinking about making the move to a senior living community, but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you or your loved one may be a good candidate for a respite stay. Respite programs provide short-term breaks for family caregivers or an opportunity for individuals to try a community before making a long-term commitment.

While many families take great joy in providing care for their loved ones, the demands on a family caregiver can be overwhelming. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 53% of caregivers said their health had worsened due to caregiving and also said the decline in their health had affected their ability to provide care. Caregiving is a demanding job, and no one is equipped to do it alone. In order to provide the best care for others, you have to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Asking for help does not make you a failure, and many times respite services can benefit the person as well as the caregiver.

There are many benefits to respite stays, including:
• Recovery – Whether following an illness or an elective surgery, let community staff and therapy providers support you until you are ready to return home.
• Reduce Anxiety or Fears – Respite stays offer a way to introduce older adults to a community without requiring a long-term commitment.
• Vacation! – While the resident experiences a change of scenery, the family caregivers get a much-needed break. It’s a win-win for everyone.
• Testing the Waters – Respite stays are a great opportunity for both the family and potential resident to ensure that the right fit is found for all.
Respite Care is available at many senior living communities and is a specialty at Luthercare’s communities including St. John’s Herr Estate in Columbia, Luther Acres in Lititz and Spang Crest in Lebanon.

Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Melissa L. Waltman, CSA, PCHA as the Marketing Manager for Supportive Living at Luthercare’s communities.