Three Important Questions to Ask While Touring Memory Care Communities

Searching for a quality memory care community for a loved one often comes at a time of need. It can be overwhelming to make an important decision for a loved one during such a time, but with a little prior knowledge and a few vital questions, an informed choice may be made.

Three questions to ask while visiting a memory care community:

  1. What levels of care does this community provide? The ever-evolving symptoms of a memory-loss diagnosis may mean that varying levels of care will need to be provided throughout the lifetime of a resident. Moves from one care community to another may triggers symptoms of unease, depression, or anxiety. Check to see that the community you are touring will be able to not only handle the symptoms that are occurring now, but have the ability to help with a variety of possible outcomes.
  2. Is there a nurse? How many hours a day is your nurse on staff? Prompt treatment of medical needs is imperative in providing the best outcomes for seniors. Having a licensed nurse on staff, ideally 24 hours per day, allows for quick processing of physician orders.
  3. What type of training does your staff have? The symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s require special skills and tools to provide the best quality of care. Ask the community you are touring how often their team members get training and what types of trainings are provided. Look for training specifically designed for memory care.

Memory Care communities are specially designed to meet the needs of individuals with a diagnosis of memory loss. Before touring a community gather a little information about the diagnosis and symptoms of your loved one as well as any financial information you have. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything on hand before touring, as a skilled memory care team will be able to help you gather any necessary information.


Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by New Dawn Memory Care of Colorado Springs. New Dawn Memory Care may be reached at 719-352-3069 or by email at