Revitalization of Colorado Assisted Living Association on the Western Slope

Eubie Blake, who lived to be 102 said, “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”  Due in part to advancements in medical care, our population is in fact living longer.  In the next 10 years 77 million baby boomers will become senior citizens.   A considerable challenge to our health care system is nearly one-third of those seniors, close to 25 million, will experience difficulty with immobility and loss of independence.

Providers of assisted living care in Denver exist to offer a distinct, viable option for those needing more help than they may be able to handle on their own, yet still live in a comfortable, residential environment.  Since 1982, the Colorado Assisted Living Association (CALA) has been there to provide a unified voice for our members and the residents they serve.

Our membership is comprised of facilities ranging in size from those who care for a few individuals to those that care for hundreds.  Large, small, for-profit and nonprofit there is a place for every type of assisted living community operated in Colorado. When you join CALA you are joining a professional network of assisted living providers.

CALA is experiencing revitalization on the Western Slope.  It is our vision than anyone or any organization that is a provider of assisted living or who touches the assisted living community in some way may want to consider involvement and membership in CALA.  Associate members include home care and hospice agencies, elder law attorneys, physicians, nursing homes, and senior real estate specialists.

Here’s how CALA can benefit you:  By providing a forum for networking with providers statewide; a unified front to represent the Assisted Living industry in the community, state and local governments; a source of advice and counsel; educational opportunities; updates on legislation, regulations and items of interest regarding the assisted living industry.

Editor’s Note: For more information on CALA, please visit, or email CALA at, or call 1-800-866-3142.   Also, you can contact our local CALA Western Slope Representative, Kent Mulkey, at The Retreat Communities at 970-243-7224, or by email to