Is Senior Living Right for Me?

There are many reasons to choose senior living. The process can seem daunting. The most important thing is for seniors to have a place to live and thrive in an environment that is best suited to their needs.

There are three categories of reasons to choose a Personal Care Community: SUPPORT: Has your loved one recently lost a spouse? Is your life being affected by trying to care give? Does your loved one feel they are burdening their in-home care provider? When choosing senior living, your loved one and family members get the support they need to grieve a loss, process the emotions of life changes, as well as lift the burden of having relatives/friends serve as caregivers. SOCIALIZATION: Have you noticed a loved one withdrawing from activities and socialization? Has your loved one lost the ability to drive? As seniors age, their abilities and desires change. Many times, seniors start withdrawing from social opportunities due to depression, confusion, transportation and an overall lack of knowledge of what options are available. There are programs and services available that are built around the need seniors have to regain independence and maintain dignity as they age. SERVICE: Have you noticed deferred maintenance in your loved one’s home? Is your loved one missing meals or bills going unpaid? Most Personal Care Communities provide everything today’s seniors need to thrive: transportation to social and personal appointments, a culinary department with prepared meals, a program where employees handle much of the process of transitioning. When residing in a Personal Care Home, maintenance, transportation, housekeeping and all utilities are normally included. Some Personal Care Communities also provide Memory Care for your loved ones suffering from dementia.

Editor’s Note: Article submitted by Lara Anderson, Director of Marketing, Stonecrest Senior Living. She can be reached at