Understanding Levels of Living in Senior Living Communities

In today’s senior living arena there are so many options, different pricing, different levels of living, traditional stand-alone facilities, full continuum care facilities, group homes, skilled nursing facilities and even cottages within a campus.  Whichever facility type you chose for yourself or your loved one it is important to understand what care levels are being offered and what is being provided.

There are options from Independent Living, Assisted Living services, Memory Care services, Assisted Living plus/Extended Care services, and Skilled Nursing services which are the highest services provided to our seniors.  Independent Living offers a life-style and offers a range of services.  For our Assisted Living services this varies from facility to facility if there are levels of care depending on the needs of the resident and there are options that can be customized to provide medication management.  Memory Care facilities provide a calming atmosphere for residents with cognitive impairment. These facilities can vary from levels of care to all-inclusive pricing.  Skilled nursing is for individuals with a high acuity and need extensive nursing services 24 hours 7 days a week.

So then what does Assisted Living Plus/ Extended Care offer in this mix of levels of living?  Assisted Living Plus/ Extended Care is the highest level of care within an Assisted Living licensure community.  This program is unique that residents that have high acuity however are not ready for a skilled nursing facility can live in their own apartment with 24 hours 7 days a week nursing on site.  It is holistic program allowing seniors to continue to live and thrive in a residential environment while receiving comprehensive care.  The services offered under this unique program are diabetic management, two person assist and transfers, pain management, mechanical life support, oxygen therapy and many more.

As we are moving into the future the senior living industry has to be evolving with what are seniors are needed and wanting.  What a great time to be a senior knowing all the options that are available.  Especially know that there are options for care needs from being independent to needing nursing care in a residential environment to true skilled nursing.

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