What Is Shared Housing?

Looking for affordable housing or have an extra room in your home?

PLOWS Council on Aging, a non-profit senior agency, offers a unique housing option to seniors in towns within or near the suburban Cook County Townships of Palos, Lemont, Orland and Worth. Our Shared Housing program is a viable alternative to living alone and reduces living expenses for both providers and seekers. It can mean extra funds to participants who are willing to share a house, condominium or apartment. PLOWS provides guidance in developing an agreement between Providers & Seekers and facilitates follow-up visits and meetings. There are no fees for PLOWS service.

Some benefits of Shared Housing are:

Financial: Reduces housing costs and eliminates long waits for subsidized housing.

Companionship: Reduces loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Security: Reduces the fear and vulnerability of living alone.

Independence: Older adults maintain their independence within their community.

Adults of all ages can participate, but one person in each match must be at least 62 years old or have a disability. PLOWS confidentially screens applicants, thoroughly checks references, and arranges a meeting with potential matches. There is never an obligation to enter into a shared living arrangement – the final decision is up to the individual.

Shared housing is not designed to accommodate emergency housing, free caregiving, babysitting, housekeeping and transportation service. Participants must be self-sufficient.

PLOWS Council on Aging serves individuals 60 years of age and older in Palos, Lemont, Orland & Worth Townships. PLOWS places special emphasis on helping maintain people in their homes and provides a number of services with that objective in mind. Our staff strive to assist older adults and their families with whatever concern may be paramount to them. For more information, call: PLOWS Council on Aging (708) 361-0219 7808 College Drive, 5th Floor Palos Heights, IL 60463

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Elaine Grande. Elaine is a Program Manager and resident expert on housing and advocacy with PLOWS Council on Aging and may be reached at 708-361-0219 or by email at e.grande@plows.org.

 PLOWS Council on Aging does not discriminate in admission to programs or treatment of employment in compliance with appropriate state and federal statutes. If you feel you have been discriminated against, call 708-361-0219.