The Seniors Blue Book is here to help you

The Seniors Blue Book’s primary mission is to be a support and resource center for seniors, caregivers, and their family members.  We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive resource guide as well as educational events/articles on an ongoing basis.  We take great strides to ensure we are providing and promoting networking opportunities for seniors themselves and the industry professionals that provide these services to them.

We distribute over 200,000 copies of our directories to over 1,700 locations with monthly delivery in the three county area we serve (for this edition of Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee Counties).  Distribution includes (but is not limited to) all CVS Pharmacies & Millennium Physicians Group Offices.

We are honored to support these amazing local non-profit organizations that provide valuable services to seniors on Florida’s West Coast .


As industry professionals, your clients come from many different sources: the seniors themselves, their caregivers and other industry professionals. The Senior Blue Book’s wide and diverse reach offers your business opportunities that other marketing mediums are simply unable to provide. The Seniors Blue Book is proud to combine its historical strength of being an Authoritative Print Media along with the dynamic flexibility of a world-class website will present a focused, on-going information e-mail campaign for our advertising partners.  Our website is filled local events and announcements that both seniors and industry professionals have come to rely on to fill their monthly calendar of activities.


Left - Sandra Jensen COO

Right-Amanda Barton, Associate Publisher & Team Leader

Middle-Samantha Hersch- Publisher