Is a Respite Stay in Assisted Living Right for You?

Respite stays within Assisted Living are often utilized for a myriad of reasons. Respite stays are designed to be a short term arrangement, usually less than 90 days, and can be as short as 7 days. The Executive Office of Elder Affairs authorizes and governs Assisted Living Residences as a way to provide a combination of residential housing and individualized personal care services to elders. Assisted Living has become an essential option in the continuum

Alleviating Family Caregiver Stress

A lot of people, medical professionals included, do not know the difference between home health and non-medical home care. Home health is provided by registered nurses, physical therapists, medical assistants, speech therapists and occupational therapists. These professionals make short visits, usually an hour or less, to the home of patients to conduct specific, medical procedures and tests. Non-medical caregivers whether they be family members or hired, professional home care providers, help older adults with non-medical